Our Productions

HG Wells & The Spiders from Mars

A Research & Development project funded by Arts Council England – stay tuned for further transmissions. The show will explore what HG Well’s myth-making genius can teach us about the urgent need to alter our cultural narrative. Could we be heroes? Told by imagining that Ziggy Stardust himself was HG Wells’ muse before David Bowie’s, this will be a time traveling one-man fusion of theatre, music-hall magic & Bowie-inspired songs.

The Cerne to CERN Pilgrimage

An interactive art-magick experience for 69 hardcore Seekers: a pilgrimage by coach from the Cerne Abbas Giant in UK to the centre of CERN in Switzerland. Their mission: to re-set the world by performing a ritual at the heart of The Gnothing that would Immanentised the Eschaton. The Mycelium provided the structure, strategic planning, and logistics… the participants co-created the rest of the experience for themselves. 20-25th April 2019.

The School of Ken

A celebration of theatre maverick and ‘antic visionary’ Ken Campbell hosted by The British Library. A day of conversation, performance and rarely-seen film with some of those who worked with Ken. 1st September 2018, 2pm-9pm, The British Library, London.

Pigspurt’s Daughter

Having grown up watching her father Ken Campbell’s one-man shows, Daisy Campbell marked the 10th anniversary of his death with her first one-woman show. Pigspurt’s Daughter follows Daisy’s surreal quest to go farther than her father. Performed during 2018 across the UK.

Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger

This play is an act of art-magick. In 1976 Ken Campbell staged Robert Anton Wilson’s novel Illuminatus portraying a world in which every known conspiracy theory was true. Wilson then wrote the non-fiction book Cosmic Trigger to explain what had happened to him as a result. Daisy Campbell adapted it in homage to the mind-expanding philosophy of Wilson and to her father & his production of Illuminatus. Last performed during May 2017 in London.

Find The Others Conferestival

This gathering of Seekers was a celebration of all things Robert Anton Wilson. It was a place of self-learning; a palace of hedonistic joys; a chapel of perils; a meeting of minds (blown just right). It ran during the opening weekend of Cosmic Trigger Play with the aim of re-igniting an aspect of the counterculture ecology. 23rd November 2014, Camp & Furnace, Liverpool.

Time to Pull the Cosmic Trigger?

From the outset of planning Cosmic Trigger we fixed the opening to be in Liverpool on 23rd November 2014, but we needed to find out whether Liverpool was ready. So we produced our very first event to find out… and in the process met an amazing network of Seekers. 23rd February 2014, The Kazimier Club, Liverpool.