Our Story

We create magickal theatre and interactive experiences, aiming to astound in the tradition of theatre legend Ken Campbell.

We are a female-led production company spanning decades of alternative and DIY culture.  We hold the torch for, and have reignited, an aspect of the counterculture ecology.  We formed in 2013 to adapt & stage the Offie-nominated Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger, and to Find The Others… anyone who gets what we do and is up for a mind-expanding caper.

We have engaged with an audience of over 10,000, have more than 4,000 dedicated followers (or Seekers), have managed complex budgets and impossible productions with insane deadlines.  We have established an integrated Discordian approach to marketing, seeing it as creatively intrinsic to what we do.  We are always open with our process; interactive whenever possible, crowdsourcing ideas and material.  We seek to inspire Others to become part of our expanding network.

We named ourselves The Mycelium after the networked root-structure of fungi, expressing our belief that growing connections between underground creatives helps to build a new culture.

We draw inspiration and talent from a long-established interwoven community of creatives, technicians and enthusiasts that encompasses The KLF, The Illuminatus, The WarpThe Southwark Mysteries, Alan Moore, the Arts Lab network, The Synergy Project, Festival 23, and Lost Vagueness to name a few.

By cross-fertilising outsider communities we have sought to create opportunities for those marginalised from much of the arts.  Our fans and collaborators are not uncommonly found in the worlds of sci-fi, cyber-punk, occultism, & comics.

We threw a very big stone into the Pool of Life in Liverpool with the launch of Cosmic Trigger 2014; the ripples from that Happening have multiplied as the currents cross and the spore have rooted creative projects of their own.

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